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(Please understand we are not an air ambulance and cannot transport individuals requiring medical care in flight. Self supplied oxygen and medications are ok)
You must complete the form below to request travel help.  We cannot accept phone calls for initial requests. (You can call each Chapter locally, if they are within the area you need to travel)  After we send you forms and they are returned we will contact you to finalize your request. (If we have not received a travel request from you via the form below, your telephone call cannot be returned.) 

Pilot's for Christ International, Inc. is a membership organization that posts public requests, for consideration by member pilots and non-pilots regarding volunteer urgent travel opportunities.   Pilots and non-pilots must abide by all Federal, State and local legal requirements for operating their aircraft, and or automobiles.  The requirement to meet these licensed operating regulations is  the responsibility of the private pilot or non-pilot volunteer member.   Our pilots and non-pilots are not commercial or professional individuals and are not required to meet the same standards.  They are private individuals volunteering their aircraft, and/or automobiles and time to help all those in need of urgent transportation, within the scope of their licensed abilities.   Insurance requirements are the responsibility of the requesting party, as Pilots for Christ International, Inc. does not provide travel "Indemnity" insurance.  An "Indemnity Waiver", relieving Pilot's for Christ International, Inc. of any travel indemnity (responsibility), must be signed by all parties requesting travel, through Pilot's for Christ International, Inc.,  before travel is provided by any volunteer pilot or non-pilot. Mercy Flight, Compassion Flights using Christian Pilots.

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Want to contact a particular Chapter yourself: For Mercy Flight, Compassion Flight?  Are you a Christian Pilot?

Go to our Chapters Page and you will find contact phone numbers and email addresses, or simply click on each chapter below to be taken to their website:

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We endeavor to help all individuals and families, in need, who call on us as representatives of Our Lord Jesus.  We make no  promises of transportation, only a commitment to do everything within our resources to approve and help.
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Auto Pilots (Free Request a Ride) is not available at all our Pilots for Christ International Locations.  By completing the form at Left we will determine if your request is feasible, we will notify you of our ability to offer free assistance for a ride in your local area.