Join today and serve Christ through Aviation
News of National and International interest is listed below, please view our chapter pages for exciting news about their work for Our Lord Jesus and the wonderful blessings that they are receiving
We plan and work to appear everywhere we can to promote Jesus Christ by doing mercy flights, compassion flights, using Christian pilots. If you would like to be part of Christ's ministry through aviation, please contact us today!
Pilots for Christ International supports (4) National events each year that allow our membership to participate in Aviation related activities, witnessing at airshows, and demonstrating their belief in Jesus Christ.  Our Organizational related activities are listed below.  Our chapters also have many activities that they support, such as air shows, Young Eagles, through EAA, and events and fundraisers they support within their area of ministry.  Please get involved where and when you can to support all International and Chapter supported events. We provide a various mercy flights, compassion flights, using licensed Christian pilots.
First Thursday in May
Please contact and commit to your flight over your State Capital or surrounding area.  You can also work through your Chapter to schedule a prayer flight.  Please let them know you are a member of Pilots for Christ International.
New Chapter Commissioning Events throughout the World

Please plan to attend and help at the Pilots for Christ International by visiting this event and wearing clothing and passing out Bibles and Brochures.

2023 Pilots for Christ Annual Convention

            September (to be announced 2023)

Members please look at for RSVP, to help at booth. 

Pilots for Christ International News and Events

Mercy Flights
Compassion Flights
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Christian Pilots
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