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Mercy Wings

Mercy Wings International is looking for a Pilot(s) who can move to Guatemala to serve with "Living Waters Teaching" and bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Guatemalan people.  In order to be considered, below are some qualifications necessary to be considered:
-You will need a missionary heart
-(4) year commitment
-(500) hrs PIC
-(100) hrs in Type (Cessna) 206, consideration for other types
-Class 2 medical, will discuss Class 3
-Commercial Pilot's License
-IFR Certified

You will be working to save souls, long hours with no pay.  You will need to seek support up to $2500 per month for yourself and spouse. (married or not)  You will need a working knowledge of Spanish, (High School) or above, or we can discuss. 

Your primary responsibility will be to preach, then to provide aviation services.  This isn't a time building assignment as someone who has a missionary heart is needed.

Contact us 616-636-5523 and we can discuss.

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