Pilots for Christ Regional Coordinators

Regional Coordinators are assigned to post missions and events for all AT-LARGE members who do not belong to a specific Chapter.  Please contact one of the Coordinators below if you have a mission request, or want to report a mission, or an event, and you do not belong to a specific Chapter. The coordinator will get your mission or event posted on www.shiftboard.com for other At-Large members or Chapter members to view or record for historical purposes.  

If you are moved by the Holy Spirit to become a Regional Coordinator, then please contact Tim Layne and he will set you up and provide the necessary training to proceed.

Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin
contact Tim Layne today for assistance in starting a chapter, joining, or would just like to talk or have him visit your group
Tim has dedicated himself to serving in all the At Large Member areas of the United States, or where no other coordinator has volunteered, please contact him. He is a very dedicated individual and follows Jesus in all he does. if you are a member At-Large count on Tim to post mission opportunities, and events that you can become involved in.  Or just give him a call

Tim Layne

SOUTHWEST Regional Director
California, Hawaii, Nevada
contact Joe Dendy today for assistance in starting a chapter, joining Pilots for Christ, just want to talk or have a visit

Joe is a dedicated member and is willing to promote Pilots for Christ International in the South West Region, by listing mission opportunities and events for the South West Area.  Please let him know of any opportunities and keep informed yourself by checking www.shiftboard.com often.

Joe Dendy

Want to become a Regional Coordinator?  If you're excited about Pilots for Christ and would like to help others get involved, please contact, Tim Layne, 616-570-2760, Text is good
We need Regional Coordinators, in the Northeast, Southeast, South Central, and Northwest
Currently contact, Tim Layne in these areas for assistance 616-570-2768