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A Pilots for Christ International Chapter can be started in your community by
having a general meeting of interested pilots and non-pilots to discuss being a chapter and what this decision involves and means.  We can have a Regional Director contact you and attend, just let us know. The following are some simple guidelines and rules for review by your perspective new Chapter:

1. Submit (10) new membership applications along with the Intitial dues payment to the President of PCI
2.  Receive your PCI chapter charter, as guidance in development and operation of your chapter, and apply for your
     EIN number to establish tax deductible donations, to your chapter.
3.  Establish a set of bylaws for you chapter
4.  Elect a President, VP, Treasurer, Secretary, notify the PCI President (You may elect other positions as necessary)
5.  Schedule a Pilots for Christ International commissioning event to formally recognize your chapter operations.
6.  Chapter operating certificate is presented, at the ceremony.
7.  Establish meeting times and dates for your membership.
8.  Be supported by Pilots for Christ International with information, witnessing, prayer requests, mission planning
     help and mission indemnity waivers.

Through this entire process, PCI will have one of our Regional Directors guide you, pray with you and help you achieve and formulate the necessary steps to see your planning and work conclude in an operating chapter that serves Our Lord Jesus Christ, to His Glory and Honor.

Your Regional Coordinator will help you:
Who can we contact that would be interested in joining your chapter?
Develop ways and methods to stay in touch with members, sharing information, about mission opportunities, meetings, events, air shows, and ideas of working throughout your community, area, State.
Individual membership commitment and honoring their attitude, unselfishness, involvement, in your chapter.

Let us help you, just  write and someone will be back in touch to help oversee your chapter development and beginning or continuing operations.