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As a Christian believer pilot or a Christian believer non-pilot here is an organization that you can join today and make a difference!  Giving Glory and Honor to Our Lord Jesus Christ, through aviation and driving transport missions, providing transportation to all those in need.  There are many needing your help now.  Please join today
(Just click on the link above to complete your application)
Want to sign up with hardcopy and mail it in?  Just download the PDF file below and mail to address on application!
Whatever your preferred method of joining, please do it today, if God is touching your heart to spread His Gospel and help others!
Helping Paster and Daughter return home, after devastating auto accident
-You can witness at airshows and spread the Gospel, as a Christian Pilot
   -Help fly mercy flights, compassion flight
     -Provide a ride to people in your area that need your help (Auto Pilots)
       -Pass out Bibles at nearby airports, other locations (Everyone)
         -Get involved with a Chapter near you
           -See all your mission opportunities at, once a member
             -Feel the satisfaction of helping others in need, for Our Lord Jesus!
Lori with Brandon Auto Pilo
Auto Pilot Mission, helping Brandon get to rehab
Mom and Son to St. Judes
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